Add Pharaoh’s Chariots to Yellow Lines and Dead Chickens in the Middle of the Road

As the spiritual sides are being clearly distinguished, the most dangerous place will be in the middle of the road.

When God parted the Red Sea with his hand he made a way clear for His people to be liberated from the bondage they were in. They chose liberty.

But the armed soldiers of Pharaoh chose to follow the orders of a man who was blinded with anger. In thinking they were in control, powerful and mightier than the Israelites, they lost their lives because they ended up in the middle of the road between the two vast extremes of decision.

God says to be either hot for Him or cold against Him because if we are lukewarm He will spit us out of His mouth.

There are many today who are riding the fence of complacency, and have abrogated control of their lives to people who promise to make them happy, keep them financially stable, and preserve for them the right to pursue every whim they desire. But as the two sides of the Red Sea crashed in on the dutiful pawns of Pharaoh, so too will the spiritual walls crash in and either drown the muddled middle, or force them to choose sides.

Now is the time for that decision.