Home is Where the Heart is… if You are Lucky Enough to Have One

At an event for the Orphan Foundation of America, one of the recipients of the Oliver Scholarship said that during the week in Washington, D.C. with the other recipients… she turned 18.

The normal response is to wish her well, but she continued to say that when she returns home she will have six days to pack up and leave the home she has been in for five years, to make room for another child.

The poignance of this moment was punctuated by the presence of both First Lady, Hillary Clinton and Majority Whip, Tom Delay who both have worked on this issue.

But all the programs and money won’t solve a problem as simple as providing a home base for children who have been in as many as 40 foster homes in their short lives. It will have to come from people who care, who will be a surrogate family for these kids during their summer and holiday breaks from college.

If you would like more information about the Orphan Foundation of America and about their program to support kids who have been emancipated from Foster care, contact us.  This is Nina May and the Renaissance Women, asking you to open your heart and your home to our future.