When Caring for Kids becomes Political Lip Service

A couple of years ago, when Congress was trying to return power to the states by restructuring the school lunch program, the Clinton Administration claimed that Republicans were starving poor school children.

No one ever asked what these starving kids ate on weekends, holidays or during summer break. And then the evil tobacco industry was targeted for selling a legal substance that might appeal to kids. And on T.V. nightly, faces of homeless Albanian children are shown to justify the continued bombing of a sovereign nation.

But if kids really are that important to this Administration… where do they stand on the report published by the American Psychiatric Association that says that pedophile may actually be healthy for a child. This blatant lie should send shockwaves throughout the entire nation.

Those not shocked should be classified as pedophiles and kept as far away from kids as possible. If the Clinton Administration that has exploited children for their political purposes, refuses to denounce this lie, then they are as guilty as those who destroy the lives of innocent kids each year.

This is Nina May, speaking for kids, who’s cry for help, has been silenced by lying adults.