PLO Death Wish

A suicide bomber blew himself up at an ice cream parlor in an outdoor mall near Tel Aviv yesterday, also killing two others including a 2-year-old girl whose bloodstained carriage lay on its side after the blast amid a tangle of white plastic chairs. About 20 were wounded.

Now, tell me again, why we are supposed to have compassion for this cause? These people are clones of Timothy McVeigh.

If we condone this type of action, no matter how “worthy” their cause, then we owe McVeigh an apology and invite that same type of terrorist activity here in the United States.

If they are all destined to kill themselves, and that is the highest goal they can attain spiritually, then why does the world go nuts when the Israelis beat them to the punch?

So, they only get a dozen virgins if killed by someone else in their “holy war”? To justify this type of activity is to condone cowardice, murder and nihilism, and it changes the paradigm of their commitment to the cause, and the actions of those trying to stop the carnage.

This is not rocket science.

If you have a group of people, bent on self-destruction, willing to blow themselves up in order to take out innocent babies, then perhaps the time has come to help them achieve that goal.

They can’t have it both ways . . . they can’t call the Israelis murderers, while the PLO, et al, embrace the concept of suicide. They have already determined that their life is cheap, and only has value in death, so what is the point of calling the Israelis murderers when they are just trying to prevent this madness from infecting innocent people.