Remember the children’s story of Henny Penny? She was the industrious little hen who understood that in order for everyone in the barnyard to eat, they all had to help make some bread.

She approaches each animal in turn, to solicit their help in planting the wheat, crushing, harvesting and thrashing the wheat. She asks for their help, and at each turn she is rebuffed. She continues the baking process, asking each to help her mix the dough, shape the loaves, even place the loaves in the oven, and at every turn, they refuse to help her.

But, the minute the bread is baked, they all suddenly become interested in the project and say they would all help her eat the bread. But Henny Penny, in her wise, articulate way, tells the French, the Russians and the Germans, and the UN, to kiss her feathery butt.

She chooses to share the bread with her British and Australian friends and every other nation that supported Henny Penny in her effort to spend the currency of her international goodwill, and the blood of her fellow citizens, to bake the bread of freedom, to be shared with those who understand the price . . . of a “peace” of bread.

Nina May
Chairman of the Renaissance Foundation

*We have learned that the it is really the Little Red Hen who does the bread thing, but she needs a name, right? So, why not . . . Henny Penny?

This would be a good exercise for Kofi Anan and other UN ambassadors to do between recess and nap time. They can have their little friends from their play group, France, Germany and Russia, play it with them.

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