Remember. Clinton’s People Stole the W’s From the Keyboards too

Are we really supposed to believe that the Clinton Administration bent over backwards to make sure the new Bush Administration was informed about what the real threats of terror in the US were? This is the same group that challenged the election returns in Florida, while disallowing hundreds of absentee ballots to be counted. This is the group that refused to allow for a smooth transition to the new Administration, possibly losing precious weeks, days, and hours that could have been used to brief them about what they knew about terrorist groups. But then, this is also the group that was so well informed that several US installations, including the World Trade Center, were attacked. So much for their brilliant “intelligence.”

This is the same crew that left the new Administration with a vandalized White House complete with missing “w” keys on many of the keyboards. The intelligence that Clinton’s people gave Bush’s people is as jumbled as the phone lines that were maliciously mislabeled. The trash and graffiti left in the offices of the White House by Clinton is very symbolic of the mess he left our nation in, and is another indication that he was clueless about the dangers of terrorism in the world, shrugging off the first World Trade Towers attack . . . not even visiting the site in the aftermath. The symbolism of the missing “w” on the keyboard was a sophomoric prank to prick president-elect Bush, but what it illustrates is that the Clinton Administration was not used to asking questions like, “who, what, when, where and why?” They must have assumed no one else used that “w” key either.

I am relieved to see that Dick Clark’s seventeen and a half minutes of “fame” have evaporated into laughable infamy. With only thirty seconds to go on the clock, he gave away his agenda by apologizing to the family members who have now made a career out of politicizing their loved-one’s deaths. I guess now we will expect every policemen to go around apologizing to victims because they didn’t stop the robber, the raper, the mugger. And every fireman should start apologizing that they couldn’t save your home from burning. Anyone can be a hindsight quarterback and “claim” they called the shots before the game, blame the coach for not following his advice, and then “drama queen” their way into the varacity-challenged hearts of the mainstream media. But most people don’t have million dollar book deals at stake when they are doing it.

You can’t, on one hand, claim you were so important that but for you the world would stop turning, but then claim you had nothing to do with the failure of your mission which was to protect the country against terrorist attacks. And then, being a failure at your job, complain that no one listened to you and followed your advice on how to combat terrorism. He failed under Clinton, and wanted to take the “w’s” off the intelligence keyboards of the Bush White House, and then is shocked, appalled and apologetic when letters from the White House are typed with “w’s” missing.

The demand was so great by the gleeful Gottcha Chorus to have Dr. Rice testify in public that the constitutional separation of powers became irrelevant and ignored. The truth is more important than the Constitution, yet no one was clamouring to have President Clinton testify in public before the 911 Commission, the way they insisted that Dr. Rice did.

That will be the only way of knowing if they asked him the hard questions, like about his own personal PDB, (Presidential Daily Briefing), back in 1996 where the head of the FBI, George Tenet, warned President CLINTON about Osama’s plan to hijack planes and fly them into buildings in the US. Why wasn’t that memo shared with the Bush Administration? Why was it only shared in August of 2001 in the form of a historical document but only mentioned potential plane hijacking, not the possibilities of making them lethal weapons? They could ask him, for all of us to hear the answer we already know, if he met with George Tenet or Monica Lewinsky more.

Did they ask Clinton why he turned down Osama when the Sudanese offered to extradite him to the US for prosecution? Even though this was after his proven attacks on US properties, including the World Trade Towers, Clinton claimed we had no legal authority to have him brought to the US and claims he “pleaded with” the Saudis to take him. Did he mention, behind closed doors the fact that he assigned Al Gore the task of making our airports and flight systems safe, and even he suggested profiling, but when it was rejected by the agencies responsible for air safety, Clinton, and Gore, dropped the ball and never pursued that line of protection for the US against terrorist attacks?

Did they ask where he was for one whole hour when Sandy Berger was trying to reach him to get the authorization to kill Osama when they had him in their sites in Afghanistan? Can you imagine the head of the NSC not able, at any given minute of any given day, to reach the President of the US when our national security is at stake? If Osama had been taken out then, would 911 have happened? Did they ask him that question? Did they ask Clinton about his 45,000-word terrorist report to the new Bush Administration in Dec. 2000, that doesn’t even mention Al Queda, and Osama, only 4 times? If they treated him like Dr. Rice, insisting he testify to the world, we could hear him respond to the question of why his administration was solely responsible for erecting a wall between the FBI and CIA for sharing information on would-be terrorists, basically guaranteeing the type of attack we saw on September 11, 2001.

Since the Democrats claim to speak for the American people all the time, let me take a crack at it. The American people are not stupid. We lived through Clinton’s wag the dog years. We know of the multiple US targets that were hit by terrorists. We know that Gore in his desperation to continue failed policies, caused the transition of the government to be postponed, allowing the enemy to get a stronger foothold on our soil. Which begs the question, “If terrorism was such a key issue, why did they not insist that the reigns of power be handed over quickly to prevent the enemy from having an opportunity to regroup?” Everyone, except Madeline Albright, knows that Clinton was offered Osama three times and refused him. We know that every attack to try and “get” Osama just happened to coincide with an episode of the “Clinton Sex Scandal Show.”

We have seen the video from the drone showing Osama Bin Laden, in the open with some of his fellow terrorists . . . yet no action was taken to try and kill him. We have read all the letters written in 1998 by Clinton declaring there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, justifying his bombing there. For those who continue to claim that Bush arbitrarily chose Iraq to attack, even before the attacks on 9/11, forget that we have been in a “conflict” with them for over thirteen years and our soldiers were constantly being shot at by the Iraqis well before 9/11.

But there was no outcry when the US, without provocation, or national security threats, unilaterally attacked Serbia under the pretense of stopping the genocide against the Albanians. The Albanian liberation front, interestingly enough, was a pet project of Osama Ben Laden. Why was it imperative that we send our troops to fight a war on Osama’s behalf? Since when did he change from enemy to ally? There was not even an outcry when Reno and Clinton torched the Branch Davidian compound in Waco. Selective cries of outrage by liberals serves to seal their personification as revisionist hypocrites.

The CYA poster child, Dick Clarke, can blame Dr. Rice, who was in an 8 month transition from his 8 YEAR position as being the weak link in national security, and get away with it, with the Democrat PR machine (the mainstream media), slobbering over his every word. But it just shows the rest of us in middle America, that the truth is irrelevant, the 911 Commission is a sham, and Democrats can play politics with the tragedy of 911, get away with it, get paid for it, and claim the Republicans are the ones exploiting tragedy. We learn that what the Kennedy’s, Kerry’s, and liberal wing of the democrat party are all really saying is that fighting terrorism is not as important as embarrassing the US and Bush, apologizing for terrorist acts committed by others, capitalizing on the 911 tragedy, and exploiting a failed war that they started, never supported and denounced when their butts were home safely.

The Clinton Administration stole a lot more than the “w’s” off of some keyboards in the White House. They stole our ability to protect ourselves from attacks at home and abroad. If this Commission was really after the truth, they would realize what the vast majority of Americans already know, that if they insist on pointing a finger at a President who dropped the ball, allowed us to be vulnerable, and caused the deaths of over 3,000 people, it would have to be “W”illiam Jefferson Clinton. They started this . . . let the truth end it.