First the Cross in California… Then the Cross in Ashley Smith’s Heart?

Can Athiests Destroy the REAL Cross?

Sometimes life can become stranger than fiction and God has the most amazing way of gently reminding us, all of us, killers and atheists too, that He is alive and real.

With the protracted controversy surrounding the removal of a cross at the Mount Soledad War Memorial in La Jolla, California, coinciding with a bone fide, living symbol of its meaning, it is hard to call it coincidence.

Ashley Smith, of Atlanta Georgia, became the cross that the atheists want to remove in La Jolla. She was bigger than the concrete monument that has stood sentry over the lives of fallen heroes for over 50 years. A symbol that makes those who don’t believe there is a God quake at the thought that there might be one and want to eradicate anything that would force them to accept that there are those who do believe.

So what are the atheists of America going to do about the millions of living crosses who they encounter daily? They can’t remove every cross or symbol of God’s love for mankind… unless they desire to kill all Christians who reflect that love to their fellow man.

What is it that atheists fear about two pieces of material forming right angles together that symbolically has only represented unconditional, sacrificial love? Do atheists reject love? Do they deny that sacrifice is a laudable characteristic that we should all strive to embody? Do they think that what Ashley Smith did, in her willingness to sacrifice her life so that her captor, Brian Nichols, might come to know the God of the Universe deserves silencing and dismantling?

What is the next step for tortured souls who agonize over the presence of a symbol that must torment them to the point of destruction? Will they say that Christians are not allowed to use public facilities, wear crosses on public campuses, mention the name of Jesus in a public forum, drive on public highways, use the US Postal service to post letters about what Christ has done in their lives? Will they strike to remove all religious icons and art from every national museum in America and burn all literature that provides a history of the Christian founding of the United States? Will they take a chisel to the walls of the Supreme Court and deface all statues and murals that depict a presence of God’s sovereignty in the founding of America?

They might be able to do this . . . only if the 95% of those in the country who believe in something bigger than their own selfish agendas of intolerance for divergent views remain silent. But even if they were successful in eradicating every symbol of Christ’s love and forgiveness of a fallen man, they will never eliminate Christ from the hearts of man, who even as they are murdered, will proclaim Him as their Lord and Savior.

The stones of the cross in California may be dismantled and used to stone the Ashley Smiths of the world who wear the cross emblazoned on their hearts and represent for all a clear and perfect manifestation of God’s love for man on earth . . . but they will never silence God. The rocks and trees will rise to sing His praise even if the breath of man is silenced from doing so.

So we, as a free nation have the choice of following the lead of those who would destroy our heritage, dismantle sacred monuments to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we may not live under this form of tyranny . .. or follow the embodiment of Christ in a young single mom in Atlanta Georgia who brought life to that cross in her amazing ordeal of sacrificial love.