Liberal Feminists Commit Political Suicide

It is beyond shocking that the women who have claimed for decades that women can and should compete openly in a man’s world, breaking glass ceilings while multi-tasking on a variety of projects they choose . . . have now become knuckle draggers like the men they first claimed oppressed them over 50 years ago. You know, the men who said a woman’s place is in the home, and keeping her barefoot and pregnant would ensure that she stayed there.

Irony of ironies, one of the women who inspired the modern feminist movement was Elizabeth Cady Stanton, who, with a handful of other maverick women, fought for abolition and for women’s right to vote. By the way, she also had seven children while fighting that good fight, and no one back then, seemed to suggest she couldn’t do both. And even though she lived over 150 years ago, it was much easier for her to get from town to town, than it is for Gov. Sarah Palin because no cities in Alaska are connected by roads. To travel and govern in the largest state in the union, you either have to go by boat, plane, helicopter or dogsled.

But the reality is that Sarah Palin, who is a true renaissance women, is a culmination of all that the modern feminists “claim” they have been fighting for for years. But we have seen what a fallacy that supposition has been in the past as we saw their complete and total disdain for Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. We have seen the duplicity as it relates to leveling the playing field for blacks when they claim to want and celebrate th e success of all blacks, but resort to high tech lynchings if that black or that woman is a conservative or a Republican.

This bi-polar response to women of different political stripes will only serve to be the final nail in the coffin of a political movement that was never about elevating women to the positions of leadership and responsibility. It has been a movement that has worked to redefine women in the basest terms, lowering the bar of excellence to incorporate the worse qualities of man. These self-proclaimed champions of women refer to Sarah Palin as a Barbie Doll, cheerleader, stewardess, etc., denying her amazing accomplishments, while working to redefine successful women as Desperate Housewives, only wanting Sex in the City. The left is happy with that dumbed down assessment of women because they have a desperate need to keep women as pawns of their victimization rhetoric, convincing them that they are less than equal, they are less than qualified, and they need the government and big brother to accomplish anything in life. If women operate outside of that firmly established parameter, they are immediately excoriated, marginalized and condemn ed for making choices the hierarchy did not approve.

That is the battle we are facing in this country today where the forces of individuality, responsibility and integrity are fighting the forces of subservient, indoctrinated revisionism that lies about the history of women, blacks and the role that both parties have played in liberating both. It is fitting that Gov. Sarah Palin is a Republican because that was the party that was founded in 1854 to abolish slavery, and eventually give equal voting rights to all women. Six planks of their first nine-plank platform dealt with abolition, equal rights for liberated slaves, and the right for them to vote. The 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments were passed unanimously by the Republicans and fought unanimously by the Democrats who, when they gained total control of the House, the Senate and the White House in 1892, totally repealed all two dozen civil rights bills that the Republicans had passed. They instituted Jim Crow laws to keep black REPUBLICANS from voting because at this time, every single black belonged to the party of Lincoln and knew the Democrats, who had proudly formed the KKK, would kill them if they tried to vote for a Republican.

 Frederick Douglas even said, “In all the southern states, the 14th and 15th Amendments are practically of no force or effect. By means of the shotgun and midnight raid, the old master class has triumphed over the newly enfranchised citizen and put the Constitution under their feet . . . The colored people, who largely outnumber the whites and who are Republican in politics, have been banished from the ballot box and robbed of representation in the councils of the nation . . . and the social conditions of the colored people in that section is but little above what it was in the time of slavery.”
By 1900, four years after the Supreme Court ignored the 14th Amendment in their Plessey v. Ferguson decision, a Democrat Senator from South Carolina, Ben Tillman even moved to repeal the 14th and 15th Amendments by stating, “We made up our minds that the Amendments were null and void; that the civil rights acts of congress were null and void; that oaths required by such laws were null and void.” And even though Republican Teddy Roosevelt welcomed Booker T. Washington to the White House in 1901, more than 10 years later he was snubbed by Democrat president Woodrow Wilson, who chose instead to show the racist movie, Birth of a Nation, in the White House, making it the very first movie ever20shown there. Wilson, by the way, had only been governor of New Jersey for two years before being elected as president.

That same Democrat party is alive and well today, and we have witnessed an attempted lynching of Gov. Sarah Palin. She is vilified for being a working mom when that has been one of the leading planks in the feminist platform for decades. She is condemned for being feminine and pretty when these same people pump billions of dollars in the fashion, make-up, plastic surgery industry to tell women they are less than a woman if they are not perfectly packaged.

Their very flimsy reason for opposing her, as expressed by key hypocrites like Sally Quinn, is that they care about these children, and it isn’t fair to these children to have a mother who would be a Vice President. That will come as a real shock to millions of working moms who have no choice but to work because they are the primary breadwinner. Her remark that all children need a mom and dad to raise them will be a happy note for the gay community th at has insisted for years that two men can replace a woman at any time, and I don’t recall Sally Quinn, or the other feminists standing up and saying to the gay community that only a woman can raise a child, and that woman should stay home and do it. That would be an interesting story to follow.

It is also very ironic that nothing was said about the bar for president being not only lowered, but removed by a woman . . . Hillary Clinton. This was a woman who enabled her husband to abuse her and other women and she is rewarded with a senate seat from a state she never even lived in, and then arrogantly presumed she is qualified to be president, just because she slept in the White House. No one questioned it, and if a Republican dared to say a thing about her priorities of a political activist over that of being a mom, they would have been laughed out of town. No Republican was allowed to point out that the emperor had no clothes and there was no substance to her claim to achieve higher office. It was accepted with a national shrug, which allowed another totally ill-equipped politician to throw his hat in the ring figuring, heh, if Hillary can do it, pretty much anyone in this country can do it, so why not me?

The only problem is that when Barack Obama did it, he was not a household name and even Democrats were questioning his vitae, not because they couldn’t get behind him if selected as the nominee, but because Hillary was their clear choice and in those days, was seen as the clear winner against any Republican who would run for president.

Back in January of 2007, when Barack had only been in the US Senate for two years and decided to run for president, a USA Today article stated, “Two years in the U.S. Senate. Seven years in the Illinois Senate, one loss in a primary election for the U.S. House of Representatives, one stirring keynote address at a Democratic National Convention, two books. That’s Barack Obama’s political résumé. Is it enough to qualify him to be president?” The responses in the same article were overwhelmingly in support of a total unknown, untested, untried 44-year-old being ready to be president . . . not even vice president. Carol Hood, a Democratic Party chairman in Calhoun County, Iowa said, sure, “Anymore, that might be a good factor,=2 0because he doesn’t have a lot of people he owes things to.” Hmm, and he had already been in the US Senate for two years and owed nothing to anyone? How much less beholden would Governor Palin be who comes from over 3,000 miles outside the Washington, D.C. Beltway.

Compared to her 12 years in public office, Obama has served only 11, if you generously include the last two where he was been running, full time for president, while being paid by the American taxpayers, to do a job he saw immediately, and arrogantly as a launching pad for his political career. Naively, he has actually included his two years as a presidential candidate as being executive experience comparing his 2500 employees to her 50 employees as a mayor, conveniently forgetting that she is a Governor, not a mayor. Wow, talk about desperate. First of all, she is a Governor of the largest state in the nation, who oversees a budget in the billions and he doesn’t run the campaign . . . he is the candidate. That would be like Vivien Leigh saying she produced, directed and handled the financing for Gone With the Wind. No, you are the star, while others keep the machine afloat. And that accounting alone should require the IRS do to an audit of him, his campaign, his office and demand that he repay his salary from the past two years to the taxpayers if he readily admits he has been running for president and not serving as a Senator.

The accusation by Democrats of Governor Palin being too young is funny from the party that idolizes the Kennedy clan, forgetting that JFK was only 43 when he became president. Was he more qualified at 43 than a governor WOMAN who is 44? The suggestion that women are insulted by the Palin nomination because she is what . . . too young, too inexperienced, truly is an insult to all women who worked hard in a man’s world to compete toe to toe with them only to be dissed by their fellow sisters when they finally get there on their own terms. Oh, did I mention that Teddy Roosevelt was 42 when he was the VP that took over after President McKinley was shot? Did anyone suggest that at 42 he should not be a part of that ticket because he was too young? But a 44-year-old woman is too young?

What do the political scientists, the experts in politics say about the need for a heavily weighted resume? Dean Spiliotes, of St. Anselm College in Manchester, N.H. says that “What really matters is your temperament and your ability to make good decisions,” Spiliotes says. “Voters make their decision at a very intuitive, gut level. … They have a mental checklist of what a president looks like, sou nds like and acts like.”

Early on in the Obama campaign, several comparisons were made between him and President Lincoln, also from Illinois. He was a member of the Illinois state legislature before serving in the Congress for a short time before becoming president. There was a sense of desperation in this comparison since Lincoln was a Republican.

Nicole Schilling, chairman of the Democratic Par ty in Greene County, Iowa, says Obama’s lack of a long political record will work to his advantage. “Some people are saying he’s young, he needs to wait,” she says. “I think it’s going to work to his advantage here.” Heh Nicole, does that mean that Gov. Palin’s real experience will also work to her advantage?

Mell Brooks, Democratic Chairman in Littleton, N. H., says he thinks Obama can achieve that goal despite his inexperience. “No doubt 20 years of experience is better than 10,” he says.” For some individuals, it might well be a drawback, but it depends on the intellect, the knowledge and the ability of the candidate,” he says. “For Obama, inexperience is not a big drawback.” How then is it for a woman with experience?

All that said, it is understandable that the Democrat party is going to elevate their candidate and try and destroy the Republican. That is politics; it is a full contact sport. But what is causing the conservative base to solidify in a battalion of hardened warriors, riding to her defense, is the amazing, unabashed, totally unobjective coverage of Gov. Palin b y the media. Their true colors are finally showing and to acknowledge them as professionals would do dishonor and service to that historically wonderful profession. Renaissance Women sent out a press release of our excitement about the selection of Sarah Palin and questioned the immediate spin that she was not as qualified to serve as Barack. Here is just one sample of the many responses we received from editors, publishers and self-proclaimed journalists that will show you just how far off the deep end this profession has fallen. (I did not make a single change in his missive . . . not even correcting this Managing Editor’s misspelled words.)

“Spin it any way you want, but the choice of Palin was a slap in the face to all the Hillary backers: ‘Oh, you like women in high office, here’s one, she’s a beauty queen from the Great White North. A mother of five including a Down’s Syndrome baby and a pregnant 17-year-old daughter should be thinking about FAMILY, not the White House…Whatever happened to those ‘Republican’ values that’ve been rammed down our throats for the past eight years. Palin, Limbaugh, Cindy McCain: the hypocacy just kills me. The selection of Palin is a clear sign that John McCain is grasping for straws….The person I want to be a heartbeat away Joe Biden. Not Sarah Palin, who’s against a woman’s right to choose, even in cases of rape and incest, who’s against gay (human) rights and who’s against gun control. We might as well move back to the 19th century.” (John Loesing, Managing Editor of The Acorn Newspapers,

No, here is what is insulting to women: Bullies who pick on a young 17-year-old girl who finds herself pregnant and is used as a political pawn by the same people who said that a grown man, serving as president of the United States could molest a teenager in the White House because his sexual life should be private. What is insulting is his enabling wife who is seen as the victim because she stood by for years as he raped and molested women, even allowing these women’s reputations to be destroyed and dragged through the mud being called everything from “trailer trash” to liars.

How are women insulted by a woman who has been able to balance a family and career and was even pregnant during her tenure as Governor? After realizing she was carrying a child with Down Syndrome and all of the extra care that will entail, she opted to do the right thing and give her child a chance at life. She has successfully managed a state that redefines frontier and harsh environment, while carrying a baby and raising her other four children. This is not a woman that other women are insulted by, but are inspired by and if a sycophant pseudo “journalist” chooses to think women are insulted by this type of strength and grace, then he is a pathetic individual who has chosen the wrong line of work.

Modern feminism died in August, 2008, by a self-inflicted shot to the heart of all it claimed to stand for. It has finally been revealed as nothing more than an arm of the Democrat party as it has effectively placed women on a philosophical plantation, that if they try and put on shoes of wisdom and leave the kitchen of indoctrination and revisionism, they are ridiculed and destroyed. The new feminists who will rise out of the ashes of this suicidal display of hypocrisy will be real renaissance women in the mold of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, Harriet Tubman and other warrior mavericks who bucked a system, caused REAL change and solidified for an eternity, the memory of real women of courage and grit. Governor Sarah Palin is the new standard bearer of that movement and she has already garnered millions of followers, men and women. The Genie cannot be put back in the bottle. Let the games begin!

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