Men, Women and the Differences

I overheard a couple of men talking about the merits of womanhood. Sadly, other than child-bearing, they could not think of one. To them, women had exchanged their unique qualities for the all too mundane characteristics of men.

This held no attraction for these men. There was no mystique, no mystery, no desire to plumb the depths of a hardened psyche or scale the heights of verbal confrontation. They wanted a woman to take pride in the distinction between the sexes, not try and engineer it into obsolescence. They complained there was no longer a challenge, a surge of energy that comes with knowing a woman is strong enough to say no, yet gentle enough to make you grateful for her response.

It took a handful of vocal people to redefine the role and purpose of women a couple of decades ago. It will take more than that to encourage women to redefine themselves, their purpose in life, and their God-given talents.

Maybe pedestals will be fashionable again one day, and there will be something worthwhile for those two young men to put on them.  They are in search of virtue . . . The Renaissance Women hope they find it.