Reggie White and Those Crazy Christians

On May 12, the CEO of Nike told the members of the National Press Club that Reggie White was not evil, just crazy.

Let’s back up. Reggie White is a Christian who happens to be a football player. He is loyal to the teachings of Christ and the Bible. Religious freedom in this country allows this. Not only is it allowed, but the nation was founded on these very same principles that Reggie White is now being called crazy for following. And over 85% of the American people call themselves Christians, which means, they must follow the same Christ and adhere to the same Bible.

So in Nike’s opinion, 85% of the population is crazy. It seems odd though, that the same people who would condemn Reggie for standing by his Man and his belief system, find nothing odd about standing by their man who has brought nothing but ridicule and shame to the nation.

So Nike, in its wisdom, has alienated 85% of the market to appease a small minority. That’s real economic wisdom. No wonder the market is plunging as we speak. This is Nina May in search of an honest, market-savvy running shoe.