Teenagers Today

You might be surprised with what they are thinking!

The other day I had the opportunity to take some young teenage girls to an NSYNC concert. For those of you without a “one” in front of your age, they are the latest, hottest young teen group in America.

Having never heard the group I was prepared for the worst . . . I even brought some ear plugs. They actually were very good as it turned out.

On the way to the concert I began asking the girls a few questions about what teens are thinking these days, and I was surprised by their answers.

To summarize . . .they hate feminism, they think it tries to get girls to date girls. They didn’t believe in premarital sex. They thought homosexuality was perverted and the shows on TV are stupid.

But what really was most telling, at the concert, was that during a slide presentation showing the history of rock in America, they were cheering for all the heroes, including politicians such as Reagan.

The only two times there was unanimous booing from the entire arena of 15,000 young people, was when Clinton’s picture, and then Monica’s were flashed up.

You just can’t spin wrong and make it right . . . and kids today are smart enough to know it. God bless ‘em. This is Nina May for the Renaissance Women.