Why isn’t Pornography on the Extermination List? (Like Tobacco and Firearms)

Recently there was a conviction of a 14 year-old Florida boy who brutally murdered a nine-year-old girl. Without getting into the details of the murder and how he disposed of the body, the most disturbing thing is what prompted this murder.

Just ten minutes before he lured her into his home and committed this heinous crime, he had downloaded hardcore pornography from the Internet.

He did not kill her with a gun . . And he was not smoking a cigarette when the murder occurred. He had been coached by material that is easily accessible to kids of all ages on the Internet. And what was the response from the usually vocal left who believe the NRA and the tobacco industry are always to blame? . . . . That’s right silence.

If they really cared about the health and safety of children as they constantly claimed . . . .destroying the pornography industry would be at the top of their list.

Instead California State University at Northridge hosts a Pornography Trade Show allowing over 200 pornographers to peddle their wares. Of course, they had metal detectors and no smoking signs.  We must protect those kids you know.