Teaching Creationism vs. Evolution

Finally scientists are realizing that there might be something to the creation story and are saying it should at least get equal time with evolution on public schools. But an enlightened professor at the University of California disagrees.

He says that “the country would become a laughing stock if we don’t teach our kids good science. They will be handicapped in a world that depends on good science.”

Does that mean that America never produced brilliant scientists, inventors, mathematicians when creationism WAS taught in public schools? I don’t think even the professor could say that.

No, laughing stocks are created by leaders who forget where they come from and that they are made in the image of God .. . no matter what the scientists may think.

A scientist who is seeking the truth will use every source of information available to him, including the Bible, which has been proven to be historically accurate. So the debate may rage on, but the facts speak for themselves. There must be something in that book called the Bible to have everyone so upset about it. Could it be that it really is the word of God? Why not open it and see.

This is Nina May at ninamay.com.