Maybe the FBI Needs to Assign the Bible Before its Agents Get Carried Away!

The FBI has decided that anyone who believes in apocalyptic occurrences during the year 2000 is considered suspect. They are calling it “Project Megiddo.”

This is the same group that decided the Branch Davidians were nutty enough to torch. But let’s look at who some of these millennium nuts are.

Both Billy Graham and the Pope have stated that several books of the Bible, including Revelation, Daniel, Isaiah contain accurate prophecies concerning the second coming of Christ.

Although no one knows the exact date and time . . . Christ said we would know when certain events occur, like the reestablishment of Israel as a nation which happened in 1948.

Many orthodox Jews feel that the year 2,000 will usher in their Messiah. So what is the purpose of this exercise, other than to intimidate and control people because they believe the revelations of God?

Since when should the government question what and how people believe? It’s not as though the Bible is some top secret book that has just been discovered.

If these agents had been allowed to read it in school, maybe they wouldn’t be so afraid of it today. This is Nina May at asking if the FBI would think you are a nut.