Parents Who Send Their Kids to Private School are Taxpayers Too…

There is a case before the Supreme Court that has taken the fallacy of separation of church and state to a new level of absurdity. The state believes that private, religious school children should not have access to the services of a public library because it is funded by the government.

Does that mean that kids who go to religious schools can’t play on public playgrounds, or go to a public zoo, or ride public transportation? These are not illegal aliens who don’t pay taxes. These are American families who pay the same amount in taxes as people who send their kids to public school. Because they choose to send their child to a religious school, they don’t stop being citizens or tax payers. And to disallow these kids access to materials, at a public library, funded by their tax money, as well as others, is blatant discrimination.

This is a version of the old Jim Crow laws that applied to race, but are now applicable to the discrimination of any child who is religious. If this is the prevailing attitude, then stop taxing people with sincerely held religious beliefs if they don’t have equal access to what that money is spent on.

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