Israel Giving Away the Store… Piece by Piece for Peace

Israel is in the middle of a big “do-over.” It reminds me of when I was a little girl, with two older brothers, and one younger, and sometimes I would beat them all at something. But when I did, they were not only shocked and amazed… but royally ticked. They devised this rule that was new to me… called a “do-over.” They basically said that the laws of nature were not aligned properly and that I, by all rational calculations, should never have won.

So for them… a “do-over” was perfectly logical. And the threat of not doing a “do-over” was a life-time of noogies.  You know, those sharp little knuckle things aimed at the scalp.

Well, I understand how Israel feels. In 1967, they miraculously fought off the attacks of three major surrounding nations, with no warning, and won after only six days of fighting, and now the world and American liberals want a “do-over.”

But how far back do they want to go? 4,000 years ago God gave the Jews that land, and He even changed Abraham’s grandson’s name from Jacob to Israel. The world can try and do a “do-over” with God, but something tells me… it will be hard to noogie Him.