Nothing New in Marches… Just Who is Behind Them

We have seen a variety of marches and rallies through the years. Some are small and insignificant, and some change the course of history.

The most significant ones, which really generate grass roots support, are the ones whose origins are the grass roots. Where the people have put up with status quo long enough and they want to affect a change.

On the other hand you have the rally, billed as grassroots, but really organized by people with a specific political agenda which serves to disseminate falsehoods and propaganda. They are easy to spot.

The signs are all pre-printed and handed out the docile masses, the media all laud the effort as exemplary and honorable. The political leaders who rely on disinformation to stay in power are present to applaud the efforts of the manipulated masses. And of course, it is all very well-funded by sources who have a stated interest in promoting a specific political philosophy, and making a specific political statement.

Now, you might think I am referring to the Million Moms on the Mall rally. And although it does fit in all those categories, I was really thinking more about the 400,000 people who just happened to spontaneously appear on the streets of Havana just hours after Elian Gonzalez is reunited with his father.

We expect to see this type of pre-programed, media-backed and politically motivated propaganda display in a communist country. But when it occurs in a free country and the message is that all guns are bad and we should ban them all… then you sort of wonder what country you are in.