Microsoft Should Take the Money and Run… to Another Country that Appreciates Them

Our very intelligent Justice Department has decided to kill the goose that laid the golden egg. In a rush to teach big business a lesson, the socialists are gleeful at the prospect of forcing Bill Gates to redistribute his wealth.  He is being forced to basically cut his company in two and give half away.

Well, I have a suggestion for Microsoft who employs thousands of people in the US, and contributes billions in taxes whether directly, indirectly. Close down all operations in the United States and shop for a country that really is pro-free market, and invest in it.  Stimulate their economy, hire their people, grow their infrastructure, increase their tax revenue base.

There are many countries with a GNP less than Microsoft’s annual income. And then, with products made offshore, of course it will increase the price for consumers at home, so they will be forced to go out and find competing software and not complain that they have no choice and were FORCED to settle for whatever Microsoft products.

Maybe finally the whiners will stop whining, and Bill can get on with his life where hard work, industry, and creativity are rewarded… not punished.

This is Nina May wondering… who’s next?