What Do Women Want?

A question that has been asked for years is “what do women want?”

For generations, most women answered the question silently and either obtained their goals … or longed for them to be actualized.

Then the feminist movement gave birth to a handful of women who felt they had the answer. The only problem was … they tried to silence the women who disagreed with them. Ironically, what they did was trade one form of oppression for another. Men were perceived as the enemy, because — as we were told — they exploited women; they didn’t respect them; they didn’t treat them equally. But the feminists then became that exploiting force and all voices in opposition were silenced with pejoratives.

But now is the time for a paradigm shift of power … a revolution to free women to speak for themselves apart from a movement that believes they are monolithic. 70% of working moms say that if they could afford to stay home with their kids, they would. Feminists are against tax cuts that would give women more freedom to be with their families. They don’t want school vouchers to give women choice. They keep claiming they have given women the right to choose while denying her all options to choose from. They have traded virtue and dignity for immediate gratification and sacrificed their sisters on the alter of sexual exploitation.

They have insisted that men and women are the same and have the same sexual desires buty forget to tell them of the devistating consequences for this new liberation. So what do women want? You’ll just have to ask each one, because women are as uniquely made as men. They can’t be categorized based on their sex — they are not a monolithic group with the same likes and dislikes. They are renaissance women and they can speak for themselves.

One thing they do have in common though is that they refuse to allow themselves to be manipulated or intimidated. They believe that political correctness is just another form of oppression and they reject it. They are not so materialistic that the economy means more to them than the moral values they give their children. They define culture … it doesn’t define them — and they expect consistency from their leaders.

Because Renaissance Women are multi-faceted … from every profession and background imaginable … they have a variety of issues that concern them. But one thing they all agree on — there is no such thing as a woman’s issue.

Their professions cut across gender stereotypes, yet they have not sacrificed their femininity to pursue their goals and professions.

In asking the question, “What do women want?” — you have to be ready for a myriad of answers. Where you find two renaissance women in a room, you have three opinions because their depth of understanding issues on a variety of levels is intriguing.

So who are renaissance women? They are moms, daughters, sisters, wives, employers, employees, investors, consumers, gen-hers, baby boomers, and seasoned citizens. They are professionals and stay-at-home moms. They are home-schoolers and college professors, lawyers and judges, doctors, astronauts, scientists, farmers, writers, and politicians. They are all of this and they vote. They don’t all vote the same — any more that they are all the same. But they do all look for the same thing in a candidate — they want courage, integrity, honor, veracity and principle.

Not every woman is a renaissance woman, but every woman can raise the bar in her own life by realizing that she was created for a purpose for such a time as this; that she has a destiny that only she can fulfill. She is not at the mercy of a handful of self-procalimed spokesmen who have a vested interest in keeping her wrapped up in theirpolitical agendas.

Renaissance Women challenge every woman to set her own standards of leadership for this new millenium and be her own spokesman — not being offended by the use of the word “spokesman” in identifying that role for herself. Think of her self!! Otherwise, her views will be silence, she will be co-opted, and her true beliefs marginalized or discounted.

If you would like to find out more about who we are, visit our website at www.ninamay.com to see our video webcasts, listen to streaming audio commentaries, and read through an expansive archive of commentaries and user submissions. And if you still want to know what women want — ask one. Remember – she will only be speaking for herself.