Daschle Meltdown Number 3,562

If you listen to conservative radio talk shows, you might not be aware that Senator Daschle thinks you are capable of violence.

What is so interesting is that even moderate to liberal talk show hosts have been outraged by the statement by Daschle that says, “What happens when Rush Limbaugh attacks those of us in public life is that people aren’t satisfied just to listen.

They want to act because they get emotionally invested. And so, you know, the threats to those of us in public life go up dramatically, and on our families and on us, in a way that’s very disconcerting.”

But, if you read between the lines, you will really hear Daschle say, “Rush Limbaugh holds politicians accountable by pointing out our hypocrisies and inconsistencies and as a result, people are motivated to go to the polls and let their voices be heard.

They want to vote because they realize that we want to take their freedoms away and they are emotionally motivated to secure their freedoms and liberties, but we think this is a threat to our power base.

And so, because they are responding intelligently, and voting with their feet, our livelihoods as a liberal power base, that tries to control the hearts and minds of the American people, is threatened.”

Interestingly, we have searched everywhere and can’t find Daschle making this type of accusatorial statement, chastising a real-life threat made by Alec Baldwin on national T.V. to take Henry Hyde out and stone, and kill him and his family.

All who agree with Daschle’s statement, totally disregarded Bill Clinton’s loathing of the military, thus placing hundreds of thousands of our members of the military in a position of being the recipients of their liberal brand of discrimination and intimidation that they exhibited in the 60’s and 70’s toward the military.

He has not expressed outrage at the hateful, anti-American rhetoric uttered by Hollywood’s useful idiots, Jessica Lange, Robert Altman, and all the others who promised to leave the country should Americans be so stupid as to elect Republicans to the White House.

These same open-minded, compassionate liberals applauded when Julia Roberts remarked at an elitist event that the word “Republican” was found in the dictionary between Reptile and Repugnant. That of course was not seen as inciting violence, or even hatred against people who freely choose to be a aligned with a legally organized political party.

But what is so interesting about this unvarnished attack on everyone who exercises their constitutional rights by drawing an erroneous conclusion that these lemmings are inspired to violence, is that we are not allowed to apply that same conclusion to a group of people who really DO commit violence when inspired to.

We are not allowed to point out that Muslim fundamentalists have as their specific goal in life to destroy us and our way of life, even if it means giving their own life for the cause.

This is considered hateful, bigoted, mean spirited and just in bad taste. Even though all dots connected show a distinct picture of terror, murder, loss of life and property and nations held hostage by the inevitability of life given to their emotional responses.

And ironically enough, if someone does make the international faux pas of drawing this deadly conclusion, they are castigated for their insensitivity, while they are being proven right by the very people they are identifying.

For example when Jerry Falwell made a statement, very similar to Senator Daschle’s, about the violent nature of Muslims, they responded by starting a riot and . . . killing innocent people. Conservatives on the other hand, responded to Daschle’s specious claims that they were violent, by either inviting him to host their show, or posting tongue in cheek articles on the internet making him look like the lightweight he is.

No one, except Hillary, really believed him anyway, or even understood what he was saying. She however is still convinced that all the rational thinking people (aka vast-right-wing conservatives) in America, en masse, tempted her husband to cheat on her and embarrass her in front of the world, and then conspired to get him to lie under oath and do that finger waggy thing saying he “did not have sex with that woman.”

Now that you mention it . . . I do recall seeing Newt Gingrich standing behind his chair during that televised victim-thon, whispering words into his ear and moving his arm up and down as he pointed to all America, like WE were the cause of his major and hugely stupid indiscretions.

So, Senator Daschle, who wants to lead the country, thinks that the majority of the country, who voted for conservatives, are so dangerous, that they should be silenced and the leaders of their ilk, broadcasting their evil and destruction on the air, should be silenced.

Isn’t it odd that he has never once complained about the liberal TV anchors who for years have been spoon-feeding the populace their liberal pabulum with the hopes of keeping us in a state of disinformation and complacency? Even though over 90% of people in the media are self-identified as liberals and members of the Democrat party, Daschle, et al, will not be satisfied until it is 100%. Sieg Heil Her Daschle!!

Liberals, and especially Tom Daschle, really need to take a deep breath, get out more in the real world and realize that Republicans, and conservatives in particular, are not that dangerous. And that the vast majority of the American public, as proven in the last election, are not prone to violence just because they believe in individuality, less government control of their lives, and politicians being held accountable to their word.

Think about it, if they were that violent, they would have revolted after the elections in 1992, and had a virtual overthrow of the country in 1996. They would not have waited until 2002 for a silent and gentle reorganization of power achieved by going to the polls and peacefully, pulling the lever for people who aren’t hungry for power, and don’t lie to to get it.