Several Reasons Why Republicans will Prevail in the 2006 Elections

I realized at a non-political fundraiser the other night that Republicans were going to win this election. In a conversation with a total stranger about nothing political, he volunteered his vitriolic, irrational hatred of all things Republican making me glad I wasn’t wearing the yellow star of Lincoln. I understood the desire of many Jews in Nazi Germany to hide their identity, feign Aryanism, avoid association with a group of people that had been so vilified by the powers and media, that to be one in that unfortunate class, meant almost certain death.

American blacks who have experienced the same thing, were not so fortunate during the dark days of racial oppression and segregation. They couldn’t hide, from the elitist Democrat, the color of their skin, which for these racists, signified second-class status.

My immediate, and uncharacteristic reaction to this ad homonym attack by a total stranger, who was certainly assuming that I shared his demented passion, was to hide my identify behind a superficial, but convenient response, “I’m an independent.” I decided to shoulder my rifle and quietly ignore his pathological insistence that all Republicans should be destroyed, because no amount of discussion would persuade him that inspite of a nice tuxedo, he was an uninformed knuckle dragger.

Republicans, conservatives, and even our president are so vilified by the left, all over the world, that a foreign leader, can come to our shores, call him “satan” with a sulphur trail in his wake, and the mainstream media, smile approvingly. Conservative blacks that have achieved the highest levels of accomplishment in the world can be characterized as Aunt Jeminas, Uncle Toms, Oreos, sellouts, white-wanna-bes, and the liberal elites smile and say, “It’s a free country. People are entitled to their opinion.”

The victims of terrorism on Sept. 11, 2001 are referred to by tenured college professors as “Little Eichmans”, Anne Coulter, Pat Buchanan, George Allen, are hit with pies, battered with insults and silenced with shouts from mindless minions of the liberal institutes of lower learning, and fellow liberals shrug and say, “Heh, they had it coming.” But heaven forbid that you deny a terrorist his prayer rug and Ramadan menu. The left has compassion for Saddam and fellow terrorists, but produce movies that glorify the assassination of a sitting U.S. president who is Republican.

Don’t you see . . . .because conservatives and Republicans, are so intimidated into hiding their passions and beliefs from people who imagine a world free from them . . . like segregationists of old . . . the assumption is that they don’t exist, and are shrinking in numbers. But the reality is that they are underground, staying in the closet, hiding their yellow star from the forces that would single them out, insult them and destroy them if possible. Yes . . . assassination means to kill. This is why Republicans will prevail. Because those being pushed against a wall, silenced with pejoratives and made to feel like second class citizens for merely wanting a strong defense, win the war on terrorism, keep more of their hard earned money, and decide where and how their kids are educated, will fight back in the voting booth.

The other reason Republicans will prevail is that when Christian, David Kuo, suggested in his book that Christians should fast from politics, the left practically chocked on saliva, falling all over themselves to piously agree with that assessment. He made the talk show rounds and was treated like leftist royalty because he fulfilled their agenda of keeping Christians from the polls on Election Day. Unfortunately, their little plan backfired and it reignited the religious base who felt themselves being lulled into a state of non-action because according to people who don’t even believe in God . . . . “That is what Jesus would do.”

Another reason the Republicans will prevail is that thousands of blacks are leaving the democrat party, and the liberal plantation, and embracing their core values, which have been totally ignored by the Democrats. But Democrats still use the black churches to bring their candidates in just before an election to try and secure their base. But where are they the rest of the 20 months when the pastors stand in unity against gay marriage, or abortion that is creating genocide on black America? Where are they when black communities raise their voices against illegal immigration because it is draining systems that their constituents rely on? Where are they when black leaders explain time and time again that school vouchers were designed to help young black kids escape poverty and despair? They are told to be quiet and move to the back of the political bus.

The blinders are coming off and black leaders are expressing their frustration, impatience, and in some cases, outrage at the patronizing, elitist Democrats, and will be escaping the plantation on Election Day.

In the quiet, hushed corners of middle America, while no one is listening, conversations are taking place that remind each other that tax cuts will be repealed if Democrats take over. The low interest rates that allowed record numbers of Americans to buy homes will increase, causing many to have to sell or be foreclosed on. The borders will remain porous opening America for greater attack. The House will spend two years trying to cover their butts and equalize Bill Clinton’s legacy by dragging Bush into an unwarranted impeachment proceeding. And the war on terror, that is being fought abroad, leaving us without a single attack for over 5 years, will be waged on our soil because Democrats have shown time and time again their denial that a war exists, and their lack of resolve to fight it. They will continue Clinton’s plan of cutting the military and defense budget, they will refuse to fund border security bills, and will allow special interest groups like the tiny, but powerful misogynist gay lobby to determine how we raise our kids, and what preachers can say from the pulpit while continuing to mock the institution of marriage.

Republicans will prevail for precisely the reason it looks like they won’t . . . they will keep their powder dry, go to the polls, pull a lever behind closed doors and hopefully prevent a philosophical takeover of the country that forces people to be so afraid of losing their liberties, that they flock to the polls to ensure that doesn’t happen. If the attacks are merely verbal or wrapped in pastry at this point . . . you can be sure their deepest desire of “destroying” all things conservative or Republican will begin taking place the minute they are given the reigns of power.

Another reason the Republicans will win is that it is the Republicans who are polling negatively toward their own party. But like a brother who stole your girlfriend and broke your heart . . . he is still your brother who is being attacked by the local bully. You let him get beat up for a while, because, he deserves it. He let you down by moderating on issues that needed a line in the sand, and cheated on his conservative base by trying to appeal to the opposition in order to win their approval. But Republicans realize that after the bully finishes beating up their brother, he is coming for them, and unless they regroup as a family, they will a be picked off, one by one.

This election cycle has served as a wake up call to conservatives to stop hiding, stop pretending to be moderate, because they realize they are going to be vilified anyway unless they embrace the far left radical agenda of the Howard Deans of the country. There is no way to win this battle unless we have the courage to face our opposition head on, and not shrink in fear. But it will take more courage to be vulnerable, than it takes to be a bully . . .. so in the end . . .the strong will prevail, and those out of power will still benefit from a secure nation, reduced taxes, safe neighborhoods and environments, even if their names aren’t decorating the halls of power.