The New Democrat Mafia and Don Pelosi

To compare the tactics of Don Pelosi and the Democrats to the Mafia, is actually an insult to the Mafia. In the most outrageous bribery/protection money spending bill, designed to undercut our troops on the ground in a foreign land, the Democrat majority has used their power to intimidate, payoff, bribe cajole and promise pork barrel goodies to spineless politicians while using OUR hard earned tax dollars.

All this at a time, when they are discussing an increase in the protection money we must pay them every year. They want to increase our taxes, so that they can bribe weak-minded politicians with pork for their districts so they can try and hold on to their power in 2008. And it will have to be a big tax increase to cover the 23 BILLION in pork they just penned into the budget for their role in backstabbing our young men and women in uniform.

Now, lets unravel this for a minute. Liberals claim they want to end the war because innocent kids are being killed . .. yet they disarm them at their greatest point of need. And if they are so concerned about a dangerous occupation, they need to stop funding for policemen, firefighters, sanitation workers, construction and several other professions that are far more dangerous, per capita, than serving in the military.

Since they claim President Bush “lied” to the American people about weapons of mass destruction, they need to withdraw their support for Hillary since she lied too when she said the same thing. They will have to take a sledgehammer to the pedestal they have erected for Bill Clinton, since he used WMDs as his excuse to bomb Iraq between trysts with Monica to try and get her off the front page.

Don Pelosi has let the sweet smell of power intoxicate her with the idea that she is invincible and that the American people are behind her betrayal of the troops. She and the other boomer flower children are living in the heady days when they did the exact same thing to the troops in Vietnam . . . troops that were deployed by their hero John Kennedy. They have been trying to relive their Watergate sideshow by dragging every single Republican they can think of before their star chamber to hunt for witches behind every Bush. They are a joke, an embarrassment and are out of control. Like four-year-olds left alone without supervision, these children are ill equipped to handle a job that some Americans entrusted to them. On the other hand, the anti-American group, is reveling in the power they now have over the congress and the U.S. and our enemies at home and abroad are toasting them.

We have seen this all before. They were the same people who were apologists for the Soviet dictators, supporters of Castro and any other petty despot who trampled the rights of “their” citizens.

Why is that every time Democrats win a race, even by a couple of points they crow that “The American people have spoken” as though the ones voting against them are aliens whose voices don’t count. You never heard them saying that about Bush beating Gore or Kerry . .. that “the American people had spoken”, and that he is “doing the work of the American people.”

And which American people is Don Pelosi talking about? She can’t mean the military families who will be affected by their cowardice and bribery. She can’t mean the men and women on the ground in a foreign land, unfunded, unprotected and exposed to greater danger. She can’t mean intelligent men and women . . . Americans . . . who understand the dangers to this country by people who want to disrupt and destroy our way of life.

Which “Americans” is she talking about? The ones who swoon at dictators like Castro, Hugo Chavez and Saddam Hussein? The ones who travel abroad and announce their loathing of our country and its leaders? The ones who whine and cry when an election doesn’t go their way but insists the will of ALL Americans has been shown when they win one? The ones who think killing babies in the womb is honorable, protecting child molesters and internet pornographers is part of the constitution while taking guns from law abiding citizens is not? The ones who applaud open borders because it translates to more votes with impending amnesty, no matter how it destroys the economy and threatens our national security? The ones who leak top-secret information about our military strategies and foreign officers while holding a witch hunt for Valerie Plamb who already has a book and movie deal for a fabricated story that has left an innocent man twisting in the wind? The same Americans who turn a blind eye to the Capitol steps being defaced with anti-war, anti-American propaganda while denying little children the right to say prayers in school or mention the name of Jesus? The same Americans who want to silence opposing voices in the media, like Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity?

I am sorry . . . that is NOT America. Those people represent a group of pathetic, spoiled, self-absorbed individuals who have found themselves geographically situated between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans on a piece of real estate called the United States of America. But sadly, they have no clue as to what this nation stands for, what we have done to promote and guarantee world peace, the sacrifices true Americans have made and are still making to ensure the freedom and liberty of people who don’t even speak our language. These people are interlopers in the most amazing experiment of human kindness and sacrifice since Jesus allowed himself to be crucified for the sins of others. That is the model that this nation has embraced in spite of what these people, the ACLU and those determined to wipe that truth from the annals of history say to the contrary.

If America ceases to be good, which is what the Pelosi “Americans” would love to see . . . America that has been a beacon of hope, truth and freedom for millions around the world . . . will cease to be great. There will no longer be a line of millions forsaking all they have to come here no matter what the costs because we will become just like their withering, pathetic countries that can’t even keep their people safe at home. We will cease to be great, and it will be the Nancy Pelosis, Hillary and Bill Clintons, Cindy Sheehan’s, Dixie Chicks, Al Gores, of the world who will have paved the way to our ultimate destruction by their own selfish, immature, egotistical designs for power and control. Those are the “Americans” that would undermine our brave men and women and put them in harms way, besmirch the memories of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so they could spew their hatred and venomous anti-Bush, anti-conservative, anti-Christian, anti-American rhetoric that does nothing but embolden our enemy and justify their desire to put us out of our bi-polar, schizophrenic misery.

Like I said, to compare the despicable act of the power-blinded, money grabbing, ego-driven democrat-led congress to the Mafia . . . is an insult to the Mafia. But this insane act should be a call to all REAL Americans to go to the mattresses and fight for our kids who are now depending on real leadership, real adults, real compassion to help them in their greatest time of need.