Paris Hilton and Illegal Immigrants

What do Paris Hilton and illegal immigrants have in common? They have both sparked a revolt by the American people who oppose disparate treatment for similar behavior, and who are tired of the double standards that are applied unequally to different classes of people.

In the case of both the “illegal foreigners” and Paris, it is the “haves” versus the “have nots.” The “haves” are Paris and illegals who possess both the means and the arrogance to think they are better than everyone else and “entitled” to special treatment. Paris and illegals have not only thumbed their noses at the system, but have pushed their way to the front of the line of law abiding people who have systematically followed the rule of law.

But the American people have pushed back, for the first time in a long time, and the collective push is not reflective of a specific political party. The phone calls tying up the switchboard on Capitol Hill were flooding both the Democrat and Republican offices telling them to vote against the amnesty bill, which would have strapped an insurmountable economic burden to their kids for generations. Anyone who pays taxes, follows the rule of law, and cares about the future of the country got it . . . no matter what party they are registered with.

And when Paris was selectively “pardoned” her full time in jail, the same public pushed back and said they either want that treatment for their child, or their child’s treatment for her. They didn’t have the lawyers, the name, the influence or the arrogance to believe that the law would be interpreted differently for them. But what they did have was a sense of justice that has been slowly receding in our culture.

In the San Diego school district a public school offers Muslim prayers and a teacher to lead those prayers, to a classroom of Muslims, yet Christian children are not allowed to mention Christmas or Easter in school. Oh, that’s fair. Al Gore wins superfluous awards for suggesting we, the unwashed masses, should ride around on bicycles, while he delivers that encyclical in private jets, spewing tons of toxic waste (literal and figurative) into our atmosphere. But we are evil . ..  he is smart. Not so smart they he didn’t realize that most of the clips of him in his pontificating, self-indulgent, factually inaccurate cartoon, in limos and jets might possibly make him look like a hypocrite.

But, that’s OK, according to another multi-millionaire who plays an actor in the movies, Leonardo De Caprio. So smart the Leo is that he honestly justifies the pontification of the Alster by saying . . . he is bringing truth and enlightenment to you idiots so therefore he deserves, and MUST fly around in jets to accomplish this laudable goal. Does that mean the smartest women in the world will get the space shuttle if she gets to the White House?

They apply that same logic to their cousin Paris by suggesting that she brings so much joy and glamour to our ordinarily drab days that we should not force her to stay in jail with the other plebeians, because she is special. She somehow elevated herself, with the help of a totally clueless media base, to the point that she should be worshiped, adored, pampered and rewarded for bad behavior.

No wonder illegal aliens risk it all to live that American dream. Think of it, a land where you can have unfettered access to money you didn’t even earn, gain success for doing nothing but partying and getting drunk all the time, and attaining celebrity status for thumbing your nose at the law . . . repeatedly, and getting the unified sympathy of your fellow class of irresponsible dilettantes. Is this a great country or what??

It is a great country, because the vast majority of hard working men and women are tired of being called “bigots” by the law breakers, “stupid” by their elected officials, “irrelevant” by people who memorize lines for a living, and “unpatriotic” because all they want to do is preserve our freedom, protect our borders and help provide, in their own way, for the common defense of their fellow man.

No wonder they spoke up and spoke out, because THEY are America . . . they are the heart and soul of who and what this country is. They deserve more than mealy mouthed, spineless politicians stomping on their rights and freedoms and telling them that they are the problem. They deserve more than illegal foreign nationals mocking them, burning their flag, demanding rights and promising to “take back” their country. These Americans who spoke out, who challenged status quo, questioned authority, and held their elected officials accountable provide a stark contrast to spoiled “starlets” and arrogant lawbreakers.

They are the “We” in the preamble to the Constitution.