Double Standards

It is actually a blessing in disguise that conservatives and liberals are held to different standards.

Remember when Dan Crane a former Republican congressman cried at a press conference, asking forgiveness for a liaison with an over-zealous female intern, and Democrat Gary Studds refused to apologize for an affair with a male intern?

Well, Dan loses his race, and Gary gets re-elected. The integrity of Reagan, Quayle, Bush collectively was so great that the only attacks that could be leveled were personal and irrelevant.

Reagan was an actor, Quayle couldn’t spell, and Bush raised taxes. OK, I agree with that one… but at least he was never unfaithful to Barbara.

Then there was John Tower, Judge Bork and Justice Clarence Thomas. All men of impeccable character, but their conservative ideologies unleashed the wrath of the left.

So the lesson is quite obvious and one that will play itself out in every election as these contradictions become more apparent. If you want leadership that is held to an incredibly high moral standard… elect conservatives.