Classic Movies Still Hot Items

What is it about the old movies, which were made 40 and 50 years ago in a different culture that are still so appealing?

They are called classics because there is something of lasting value that will endure the test of time and trends. They will always reflect the more gracious side of society and an era that powdered its nose, dressed for supper and honored its vows of chastity, marriage and military service.

The people in these times were not without problems, fetishes and dirty little secrets. They just chose not to force the rest of the world to wallow in their mire with them.  They worked out their problems in private and showed civility to society. They practiced restraint not only in their personal lives, but expected it in the films they went to see. They understood dignity and respect and expected no less from their actors and the characters they played.

There was a time when Hollywood set high standards for the rest of the nation. We can only hope they will see the parallel of recent box office hits, to the classics. This is Nina May & the Renaissance Women encouraging you to keep your standards high.