Support of Bill Clinton and Ted Bundy is Amazing

Most people are trying to figure out why there is so much support for Bill Clinton from women. But it hit me. If Monica Lewinsky is getting big bucks for a book deal with nothing new to tell, and women are still fantasizing about the serial killer Ted Bundy, and some well-known women have stated that they would have sex with Bill Clinton if given the chance, then maybe Bill isn’t the problem.

But it is hard to get angry at these pitiful women.  We should feel sorry that they have such little self esteem and integrity that they would debase themselves to such an extent.

The feminist movement really missed the boat in thinking that women could handle the type of sexual freedom they foisted on them.

They have become mad with illogical lust that has no outlet other than self-destruction.

They fantasize about someone who sexually harasses women, another who kills and mutilates young girls, and they are all willing to pay the price for a book by one of their victims . . . Monica.

Maybe Bill is not to blame for his sickness. Maybe he is just another victim of the sexual liberation movement that women created.