The Cane Toad and Socialism (Both Poison the System)

The Cane Toad was imported from South America to Australia in 1935, to eat the mice in the sugar cane fields. One fact that was omitted was that it was poisonous. As a result, many of the native birds, such as the kite and hawk, would eat the toads and die.

The kite and other birds, however, learned through the years that the toads were poisonous, yet they developed a way to eat them without getting sick.

They would swoop down on the toad, grab it by its hind legs, slam its head into the tree and knock it out. This way, the toad couldn’t eject the poison onto the bird from the glands on its neck. The bird would quickly kill it, and surgically separate the edible legs from the inedible upper body.

This was an evolutionary process that took thirty years to perfect, yet the birds adapted to this survival technique.

In the U.S., socialism has been imported into the field of a free society and has poisoned it. But those who believe in individual freedom and less bureaucracy can learn to take the toad of socialism, break its back and remove the tastiest morsels of freedom that have gone uneaten for years.

Its never too late to learn new survival techniques. This is Nina May at 1-877-RWTODAY or