All the Arabs Want is a Little More Fantasy From Disney . . . What’s Wrong With That?

People from several Arab nations are upset that Disney is deviating from the fantasy path in an exhibit at Epcot Center, and actually showing the truth.  They are portraying Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel and several Arab leaders are upset by this.

At first blush you wonder why they need to convince Disney to ignore the truth. Remember that they had no trouble in saying that Pocahontas and John Smith were romantically linked, or that young gazelles get together and celebrate the birth of a young lion, who will one day have them for dinner.

But they must be counting on the company that convinces us that mice and ducks talk, to create more magic for them and make something that isn’t a reality.

But no matter how much pressure the Arabs put on Disney, and no matter how many times Disney waves its magic wand and sprinkles fairy dust… they just are not going to be able to get around the fact that Jerusalem is the Capitol of Israel.

But if they do pull off another revisionist ploy, will it really matter? We aren’t talking about the Library of Congress here. This is, after all, fantasy land and you make up your own truth as you go along.