Why the Double Standards for Taiwan?

The Clinton Administration has decided that East Timor deserves its independence after a referendum indicates that is what they want. And of course we saw the U.S. policy toward Kosovo as it struggled for independence.

It seems as though in any conflict around the world, where a portion of one country decides it wants to be liberated from the main country… that the U.S. is there to oblige them.

But why isn’t that the policy with Taiwan as it relates to China? Why does the United States continue to ignore the fact that Taiwan is a separate nation, with a political system totally different from mainland China… and that they are clearly autonomous?

Everyone plays polite lip service to the Chinese and refers to Taiwan as being part of the one, real China, when we all know better.

Why is independence from Indonesia so necessary for the Timorese, or independence of Kosovo from Serbia, but Taiwan is denied that same support? And if they are supposed to be one country… why does mainland China constantly threaten to invade Taiwan? And why are we prepared to intervene if they do?

Just curious. This is Nina May at ninamay.com asking what you think.