Planned Parenthood Needs to Read What their Founder Believed In

Barbara Harris has begun a campaign to eradicate the problem of crack babies born to drug addicted mothers.

She is offering these women money to either stay on a birth control program or voluntarily become sterilized.

In an incredible display of hyprocisy, the president of Planned Parenthood is equating her activities to eugenics, and claiming that it is unethical because these women can’t give informed consent, and that this will be a decision they will regret the rest of their lives.

This is a group whose founder, Margaret Sanger truly did practice eugenics and had as her goal, total sterilization of what she considered inferior races.

This is the same group that promotes abortion and opposes the idea of informed consent.

They also deny that women ever regret a decision to have an abortion. The truth is, almost half of the women accepting Barbara Harris’s offer are Caucasian, and they are all thankful for the option and say it is a better solution for them than abortion.

So why is Planned Parenthood complaining so loudly?

Because they make millions from the abortion industry and this practice cuts into their profits… plain and simple.