So it Wasn’t About Public Safety It Was About Money? Nooooooo!!

The anti-tobacco people are upset again . . . not because people are smoking too much . . .but too little.

It seems as though the tobacco industry is making less money than before because of the anti-smoking campaigns and the increased price of cigarettes.

Increased because the government sued them for inflicting their product on people who can’t read a health warning on the side of each package.

So the $206 billion dollars that states were expecting to get over the next 25 years is being reduced. And they have already spent the money on things such as education, new roads and prisons, and just about everything except repayment of health care for smokers, which was the reason for the settlement.

But we all knew this was a smokescreen to fleece the tobacco industries. But what is really surprising is that suddenly, the government shows absolutely no concern for people who continue to smoke . . .in fact . . .they are upset that people are kicking the habit and robbing them of their $206 billion settlement.

This is Nina May reminding you to follow the money… that is where you will always find the heart of big government.