The 60’s Revisted… .. Not as Much Love and a Lot More Nuts

The recent rioting in Seattle is a rehearsal of things to come . . . especially if a Republican is elected president.

But the rioting is a natural out-growth of a permissive society where there are no real absolutes . . . even death and taxes have become negotiable.

It’s the Lord of The Flies revisited. When the children are free to run wild and decide the rules and laws as they go, we can only expect anarchy to be a natural byproduct.

And since law enforcement agencies have had free reign under a liberal administration, that has used them as their own private detective firm, employing intimidation tactics and even mass murder . . . ala Waco .. . they won’t be stopped now. Try and put that genie back in the bottle.

So you have an amoral society clashing with a police force with no bounds or restrictions. This is a recipe for revolution. And they want the average American, the logical victim of such violence and mayhem . . . .to disarm themselves and trust the other guys with guns?

So expect moral relativism and situational ethics . . .the lessons in yesterday’s classrooms to be exhibited in tomorrow’s streets