One World Order and the UN Keystone Cops

Billions of dollars are being spent to convince sovereign nations that the U.N should be the head of a One World government.

Countries are being lobbied, coerced and threatened to change their constitutions to give more power to the U.N.. Treaties and executive orders are being signed that violate constitutions and vest more power in this global organization.

But what good are they really? For example . . .there has been a pending referendum before the U.N. for almost ten years, to allow the Sahrawi people to determine whether they want to maintain their sovereignty . . . . or continue under Moroccan occupation, as they have for the past 25 years.

For eight years, the UN has spent millions of dollars to register 100,000 people to vote and now has postponed the vote for another 2 years.

This is a pathetic display of a bureaucratic process out of control . . . but with the power to destroy lives.

There are no checks and balances, no avenues of redress to protest this latest dictum.

This should be a warning to everyone that the One World everyone talks about, will be a very expensive bureaucratic nightmare where even the slightest conflict will have no hope of peaceful resolution . . . for years.

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