In Korea, Life Begins at Conception

Recently while in Korea we were asking someone the ages of a group of kids. The response was very unusual.

They gave their ages based on their birthday in Korea, and based on a birthday in America.

The dates were always a year apart. We thought it was because they were referring to the Chinese calendar. But they told us that in their country a child is a year old the day they are born because they consider them to be a viable human being the minute they are conceived.

So they count the time in the womb as though it was time outside the womb. With just this little distinction, they are speaking volumes about the worth and value of each of these children.

It’s as though kids in the West are irrelevant, ignored, and expendable before they take that first breath. Maybe if we looked at an unborn child, no matter what age in the womb, as a fully developed, viable fellow human being, then the abortion problem would solve itself.

It was humbling to know that each one of those Korean children was loved and appreciated from the moment their parents knew they had been conceived. How fortunate for them.