What’s a Sweet, Sensitive Guy Like You Doing in the Army, Anyway?

My best friend growing up had three brothers the same ages as all of mine. But we were raised differently.  My brothers let me play games or sports with them, only if I could cut it. Her parents forced her brothers to allow her to play. If I had a dispute with my brothers, we would be told to put the boxing gloves on and settle it properly . . . no bare knuckles allowed. If she had a dispute, she would go running to her mom crying. If we misbehaved, we had to do pushups… her brothers were never disciplined, except when they picked on her.

As we grew up, my brothers respected me and included me in everything they did, because they wanted to, not because they were forced to. Her brothers couldn’t wait to get away from her.

These are two simple scenarios of children at play where one group settled their own problems and were all treated equally, and the other group had special privileges for the whiner.  One family of kids had unit cohesiveness, the other self-destructed.

So the point is, by catering to the demands of the overly-sensitive homosexuals, the Army will become the dysfunctional family, they will no longer operate as a cohesive military team, and will have outlived their purpose.