Why Are Feminists Silent On the Issue of Pornography?

A friend of mine was one of the first young men to attend Vassar. He said he knew there were a lot of feminists there, but he and his roommate decided to make the best of things as some of the only men attending.

As young freshmen do, they decorated their dorm room with posters and reminders of home. One of the posters was of Farrah Fawcett in a bathing suit. Many of you remember the photo . . .mostly hair, but strategic body parts covered.

One day they returned to their dorm room to find the poster defaced and feminist graffiti scrawled all over the room declaring these two to be sexist pigs. These intelligent intruders signed their names. The men went to their room to confront them about their vandalism. When the women opened the door the two men were stunned. Not as much by the room plastered with playboy centerfolds of women . .. but by the hypocrisy of these women claiming that the men were the sexist pigs.

I only tell you this story because I have been asked many times why I think the feminists do nothing to stop degrading pornography against women. Are there any more questions?