Inconsistent Standards for Different Churches… and Different Political Parties

There is a case before the U.S. Court of Appeals for DC involving the Church of Pierce Creek in New York. Their tax exempt status was revoked by the IRS because they distributed flyers before an election, suggesting that Christians should support candidates with the same belief system.  It did not tell the congregation how to vote.

Well, imagine my surprise to see a photo of Hillary kissing Al Gore on page A4 of the Washington Times on February 21 on the platform of the Wilborn Temple First Church of God in Christ, in Albany, New York.

The article said, “In a sometimes impassioned speech to more than 800 people at a largely black church, Mr. Gore accused the Republican challengers for the White House of being blind to racism.”

So I guess no one in the congregation, nor Al Gore, read the part in the Bible about judgement and casting stones. But that’s what the Bible says. What does the IRS say about using a church for partisan politicking? Gee .. ..why don’t we ask the Church at Pierce Creek?

I wonder where Al Gore stands on this case? Are there different standards for different parties?