Sometimes You Can be So Open-Minded… … that Your Brains Fall Out!

The very open-minded, tolerant, and non-judgmental representatives of the homosexual community are trying to censor Dr. Laura from expressing her opinions.

Gay activists claim that it is not fair to talk about homosexuality and not have a homosexual on the show.

Does that mean we should balance every single liberal show with a conservative, woman’s show with a man, Asian show with another race?

But… for argument’s sake… let’s say she capitulates.

Would they approve of Michael Johnston of Keruso ministries who was in the lifestyle for years, contracted AIDS, become despondent, and finally decided he wanted to be liberated?

Would they mind him talking about the degradation of the soul, the hopelessness of the heart, the destruction of innocence?

Would they mind him talking about the vast majority of gays who were sexually molested as children which resulted in their sexual confusion and ambivalence?

No, I am sure they will want to censor that speech too. So much for open-minded, tolerance of opposing view points.

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