Totalitarian Double-speak

I was behind a very conflicted person the other day who displayed their schizophrenia on their bumper.

One bumper sticker had that international “don’t do it sign” the one with the red circle with the red line through it, printed over the words . . .”censor art.”  Of course this was referring to the federal funding of certain products that people quaintly refer to as art in order to get funding for it.

Well… they obviously think that any and all art should be allowed … whether funded or not … just don’t censor art. It is free expression of an individual, it is irrelevant if it is blasphemous or racists or insulting or sexually degrading, just… don’t censor it.

OK… so we know where this driver stands on the issue of censorship… except… Lo and behold, the bumper sticker, right next to it says “Pull the plug on Dr. Laura.”

Imagine that. I am supposed to respect the very open-minded tolerant stand of this person who obviously believes the Constitution allows for all types of divergent speech and expression in the arts . . . while this same person wants to restrict someone else from expressing their viewpoint? He needs another bumper sticker that reads, “Driver is ambivalent about totalitarianism.”

Sadly, this is a reflection of liberal hypocrisy that is strangling free speech in this country and classifying speech as intolerant or hateful if it is not what they want to hear.