Kill the Wabbit, Kill the Wabbit

It is so cute how Al Gore describes anything he doesn’t have an alternative solution for as a risky or reckless scheme.

It reminds me of Elmer Fudd always calling Bugs Bunny that Waskaly Wabbit.

But what is odd are how many risky and reckless things he does embrace.

Things like condom distribution which has been proven not to prevent the AIDS virus from infecting someone. Or not supporting the idea of Internet blockers to protect children so that they can’t download hardcore pornography, violent websites, or sexual predator’s who can lure them into deadly liaisons.

So the newest risky scheme that he is hunting with his cute little musket is George W. Bush’s idea of finally treating wage earners like adults.

Giving them options in investing their own hard earned money for their own future.

What is the risk in this? . . . That they might invest in the wrong thing? That is no more risky than giving up to 30% of your income into a system that you might not see a dime of when you are ready to receive it.

Now that is a BIG risk. This is Nina May . . .rooting for the rabbit.