National Day of Prayer If My People Who are Called by My Name . . .

It seems as though more and more people of faith are beginning to realize the power of prayer. More people are understanding spiritual warfare and are realizing that words DO have power.

Remember, God SPOKE the universe into existence and He says call on His name, speak the name of Jesus, declare His victory, tell, confess, proclaim, witness. All of these are pro-active events that require verbalizing the glory and power of God and our hope and faith in Him.

The reason the spoken word is so important . . . it is a type of spiritual contract that is recognized and adhered to in the spirit world. That is why the Bible is very specific about curses and blessings and the power they have.

The Lord reminds us to bless those who curse us because it liberates us and frees God to work in our lives with love instead of the intended response which is revenge. Don’t repay evil for evil, but pray for those who speak evil against you and pray for the bondage of anger and bitterness to be broken off of them. By doing this . . . it breaks the bondage off of you as well and gives God room to work in both your hearts.

This is Nina May .. . praying for God’s blessings on you.