Will More Laws Take the Place of Responsible Parents?

In Fernandina Beach, Florida, two teenagers were charged with car jacking and killing a 71 year old man.

In Port Saint Lucie, Florida, a 14 year old was fleeing from police when he crashed his parents’ car into a swimming pool, killing a 12-year old passenger.

This is Florida, which has one of the most lenient handgun laws in the country… but both of these crimes and deaths involved automobiles, a swimming pool, and children, not guns.

Should Florida have stricter laws against driving without a licence and proper registration? Oh, they already have those laws?

Hmm. What about laws that say it is illegal to steal a car . . . .and for someone under 16 to drive?

What could have prevented either one of these crimes involving kids? There are already laws on the books about the age kids can drive, the requirement of a license and registration of a car, and stealing.

Could it be . . . the families might have some accountability in raising a child so they are taught right from wrong and how to obey the laws? If not. Then no amount of new laws on the books will make any difference, if children aren’t taught to obey them. This is Nina May at ninamay.com.