George W.’s Kettle is Sparkling Next to Al Gore’s Blackened Cookware

Everyone expects political candidates to hold each other accountable to their actions and their promises. But Al Gore was a little premature in trying to pin the high gas taxes on George W. Bush.

Al forgot that not only does he have huge holdings of Occidental Petroleum given to his father by the guru of ideological hypocrisy, Armand Hammer, but he wrote in his book, “Earth in the Balance” that he hoped for high oil prices to keep those horrible combustion engines off the road.

Another thing Gore forgot to mention when casting stones at George W. is that his substantial holdings in Occidental will increase tremendously if the sacred grounds of the Uwa Indians in Colombia are destroyed to find oil.  And to ensure that Occidental is successful, Clinton has authorized $1 billion to be spent to protect their oil interests.

So how does this help Americans? And how again is George W. involved? It makes about as much sense as blaming the University of California for a wild fire, set by the Dept. of Interior which resulted in copied data from top secret hard drives.