So NOW the Lyrics are Offensive… When they Target Your Pet Ox

We received a note from a listener who is offended by the lyrics to Eminem’s rap music.

While reading his concern I reflected on the incredible effort that Tipper Gore and Susan Baker began fifteen years ago to warn parents of offensive language.

They were subsequently silenced and ridiculed.

Even Al Gore said nothing in defense of his wife when a rapster targeted Gore’s own daughters in its assaulting lyrics.

My first response to the listener was to wonder if he had been in a time warp for fifteen years …or perhaps he was a young person who was just now learning of these offensive lyrics.

But it turns out his offense is taken because the rap music targets gays now. Not just cops, women, children, churches, Jerry Falwell and other religious leaders.

So this 40 year-old man is suddenly offended because gays are the subject of hostility. Where was he when women were being described as dogs used only for the purpose of copulation?

Where was he when the lyrics discussed blowing away cops, mutilating and raping Al Gore’s kids . . . blowing up churches?

It is wonderful to be concerned by hostile lyrics . . .but taking offense for only one insult is a little hypocritical and rings a little hallow.