As Grains of Sand Through an Hour Glass So are the Revolutions of our Lives

Have you ever noticed the fine dust that clings to the sides of an hour glass, never moving like the grains of sand do?

It was poignant to see old men at the Republican and Democrat conventions taking tired trips down the memory lanes of revolution.

One relived his love for Castro, Lenin, Marx and all his other heros. His captive audience of teenagers lived vicariously through the passion of conflict and the comfort of discourse.

But none of them saw what I saw. I saw a man blessed to be born in a free country that allows his verbal destruction of it. A country with so much abundance that after these anarchists leave the rally, they jump in their air conditioned cars, drink their cold beers, take their hot showers, eat their warm food, and reflect upon the day they began the revolution in America.

But the revolution they are looking for is not found on the streets in locked combat with the police . . .it will be a revolution of the heart, inspired by the most revolutionary person in history . . . Jesus Christ.

So as the political sands shift, we should remember King Solomon’s words in Ecclesiastes, “There is nothing new under the sun.” And these Marxists revolutionaries, with their tired message, are no exception.