Even Gore Recognizes that Earth is God’s

It is exciting to see Al Gore finally have the courage of his convictions and actually quote scripture and mention God in his speeches. He even acknowledges that “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.”

So that must mean, if the earth belongs to God, He can do with it what He wants.

Since He created the earth he can stop global warming, fix ozone holes, replenish forests and rivers, clean up pollution. Because man was given dominion over the earth by God, man must be a more valued and treasured creation. But, Gore says that even though the Pacific Yew produces the chemical taxol, which could potentially cure breast and ovarian cancer, it should not be harvested.

Why? Because you would have to destroy three trees to treat one person. But if the earth is the Lord’s, perhaps God intended for these trees to be harvested to cure His people, made in His image. And by making that statement Gore acknowledges that the earth doesn’t belong to environmentalists, the United Nations, Green Peace and other self-appointed monitors of man’s behavior.

This is Nina May suggesting that the earth that Gore writes about IS perfectly balanced in the palm of God’s hand.