Propaganda By any other Name is Still Propaganda

Have you noticed that since the Moms on the Mall rally against guns, and all the coordinated effort to feature Rosie O’Donnell on the cover of every national magazine simultaneously has finally subsided… that the gun issue is dead?

It’s very difficult for them to keep the ruse up with almost every high profile crime since that time, featuring knifes, billy clubs or fists. But why did it die out so quickly if that is really the view of all these grassroot women who, of their own effort, made their way to Washington, D.C. to make a heart felt point that they hate guns?

Well, could it be because it wasn’t grassroots at all but was totally orchestrated by millionaires, Hollywood celebrities, and media moguls to make us all think this was? Most Americans may have been born at night… but they weren’t born last night.

They know a snow job when they see it, and they know a propaganda rally when they see it. But what we should learn from this is that the left knows how to stage a rally that has the appearance, smell, feel and taste of grassroots… but all that’s missing is the fertilizer.

And that is you the citizen, who they are counting on to be dumb enough to fall for the ploy.