To be #2, You Have to be a “Yes Man

Just when I was getting excited about Joe Lieberman as Gore’s running mate, he goes and capitulates.

Gore knew before Lieberman accepted the position, that he was for school vouchers, and personal investment of Social Security payments. So why not let him continue his support of these issues and just recognize that being different and believing in different things does not make someone bad.

I mean, isn’t that the point in him selecting the first Jewish person? To bring the country together, to end divisiveness and allow us to appreciate and accept the differences in all of us?

So why would Gore insist that he change? Why can’t he celebrate his positions on these issues like America is supposed to accept his position on religion?

The way George W. Bush was NOT accepted when he identified Jesus Christ as his hero. He was excoriated for bringing religion into the debates and now Gore is praised.

Wouldn’t it be great if these politicians just did and said what they believed and not worried about the consequences?

That person . . .is the one who should lead the country and they would no longer be a politician, they would be a statesman.