Call to the Mall

The Call to the Mall had over 700,000 kids worshiping and praising God. But it was not what most people expect of religious kids . . . because for one thing . . . they aren’t religious at all.

They are committed in their love for Christ, their devotion to the Lord and their allegiance to the Holy Spirit. They are young revolutionaries who are sold out for Christ. They are the true counter culture, the true radicals, the voices that will set the captives free and liberate this nation from the bondage of perversion and defilement it has been wrestling with.

But the interesting thing is . . . you won’t be able to point them out in a crowd. In fact, you may mistake them for the ones in bondage.  They have the multi-colored spiked hair, the tattoos and pierced body parts . They wear the uniform of revolution and only they can address the issues that plague our youth, because they escaped and are willing to sacrifice their lives to go back in and help set the captives free.

So, the next time you see a young kid who doesn’t dress like you, or look like you . . . instead of cursing them . . . bless them because they are either liberating those in bondage, or they are being liberated.

And either way . . . God loves them dearly.