The Call to the Mall

I am encouraged to see High School students across America standing by the law of the land, which allows them the right to free speech.

Without breaking any unconstitutional laws, which were irresponsibly upheld by the Supreme Court they are continuing to pray before school football games. They are continuing to honor a higher law which says, “You shall have no other god’s before Me.” And any law that forbids that expression is against the law of nature and nature’s God . . . as the Declaration of Independence declares.

These kids, from all over the country, are coming to Washington, D.C. on Saturday September 2 to humble themselves before God, pray and seek His face. They are at a crossroads spiritually as they are forced by their government to choose between it and God. They are told they can’t pray in school, yet they are told how to get pregnant and then kill their child. They are told they can’t bring Bibles to school, but they are rewarded for bringing condoms.

These children who will be assembling at the Call to the Mall are declaring they have no King but Jesus . . . as the founding Fathers were fond of saying. But a big question I have on the issue of consistency is . . . since the Mall is public land . . . will they even be permitted to pray? And if they are . . . why can’t they voluntarily pray in a public school?

While we ponder that question, join these kids and their families in this gentle revolution of the heart and spirit and support their constitutional rights to pray in school and out.